Monday, November 4, 2013

Hope 4 children with epilepsy

Hope 4 children with epilepsy is a group of parents whose children have severe epilepsy. We had a dinner last night and we got to meet a lot of the incredible families. It was so nice to finally meet the amazing women who started the group. Annette and Jennifer are so busy everyday, fighting to get CBD oil legalized for our children. We desperately need this new treatment option for our children. Here is some information about the CBD oil treatment:

Alepsia is the trade name for the high CBD/low THC cannabis plant. This plant has anti-epileptic properties. CBD has the medical benefit while THC causes a high. The Alepsia plant is a hemp plant with less than .03 THC and has 20% CBD. Alepsia has been given to children with refractory epilepsy and the results were substantial. The children had a 80% response rate, at least a 50% reduction in seizures, no side effects and it also has neuro-protective properties.

I have had so many friends and family ask what they can do to help (LeAnn- thank you for asking).
Right now we need everyone to share this information. Please tell your friends and family about Leah and these children and this new treatment that they need. As far as the legislation goes it's kind of a waiting game right now. Many wonderful things are happenings and big meetings are being held. We have some great support behind us but we need more of the public to be informed. Also, the Stanley brothers from the Realm of Caring foundation in Colorado are helping us fight for this oil to be legalized here in Utah. Again...please share Leah's story and this new treatment for epilepsy.

We would do anything to see this beautiful smile again!

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