Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween fun and more...

Leah was a ladybug for Halloween! Here's some pic's of all the Halloween fun:

This is Leah at the Kauri Sue Hamilton school (special needs school). She loves it there. Her eyes just light up when she is there! They sang Halloween songs, read Halloween books, decorated cookies (mom decorated one for Tyler) and they went trick or tricking to the administration offices. Super fun!

Leah with her brothers & sister.

The kids carved a pumpkin for her. A very happy pumpkin!

Here Leah's therapist's are putting together a cute chair for Leah to have at school. These woman are pure entertainment. They are so funny. 

Me and Leah hanging out watching Becca and Susan put the chair together. I was feeling very useless but got a good hour of one on one with her. She was having a really good day that day!

Leah and my dad at Trent's Lacrosse game. It was a beautiful Fall day so I took Leah to the game. She loved being outside. I cannot expression the amount of gratitude I have for my dad. He comes to my house every Wednesday and helps me. He does dishes, sweeps, mops, laundry...everything. I am so thankful for him. I love him very much!


Another great picture of these two cute kids!

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