Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A little something I wrote...

A little something I wrote to the Utah families fighting for Alepsia:

Just keeping it real...
I would like a politician to spend a couple days in my home and painfully watch my beautiful two year old daughter scream into a seizure, foam at the mouth, go blue then a pasty white followed by incredibly scary labored breathing. She then vomits and tiredly falls asleep only to her waking up an hour later to experience it all over again.

This is torture to watch and I can't imagine the torture she feels. If any good hearted politician watched her or any of your beautiful children go through these horrible seizures and see's how it affects every member of our families. I know they would make Alepsia immediately available to all of our children.

I am amazed by all of you! I am proud to fight this fight with all of you! Thank you Jennifer and Annette for leading this battle. You both are the strongest women I know!

As we say in our family...Stay strong, never give up and keep moving forward. Always keep a indomitable spirit!!!

Much love to you all!!!

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