Sunday, April 29, 2012

My kids!

As I have continued reflecting back on the past few months I have thought of a lot of things that helped me get through each day. I want to continue writing about these things so that I remember them, so bare with me as my goal is to write about something each day until I can't think of anymore things.

Today is the new love and appreciation I have for each one of my kids! I thought I already loved them so much until I experienced this event that has made me love them even more. They are the reason that in the darkest moments I had I got myself out of bed and did my duties as there mother and showed them that even though I have a sick baby they are just as important to me. There were days of deep depression and I wanted to stay in bed, never shower and not want to eat. But I didn't choose that and it was a fight in my head every day to choose to not do that. It was harder to get up and continue life the best I could then lay there in self pity. My kids did that for me, they gave me the strength to keep going. As their mom I wanted to show them that when life throws you a curve ball you keep going and don't give up!

I love Lauryn for having so much love for her little sister. She always said "I believe in miracles". I love the faith that Lauryn has.

I love how much Trent cares so much for Leah. When he comes home from school everyday he asks "how many seizures has she had today?" It broke my heart when I had to say five or ten and see the sad look in his eyes. Now I've been able to say none for the past four weeks and I love to see the big smile on his face.

I love all the kisses Tyler gives Leah every day, he kisses her forehead all the time. He always says "I love you Leah". It just melts my heart!

Thank you Lauryn, Trent and Tyler for being the best sister and brothers to Leah. She is so lucky to have each one of you in her life.

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