Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eye doctor

We went to the eye doctor today and her eyes look great. The nerves behind her eyes are very healthy and her eye sight is great. The doctor said that she thinks Leah's tracking is ok, but it could be better. Leah is having an eye therapist come and help her track better.

We also had blood drawn to check a few things and her calcium is really high so they are changing her diet to help that. We are now friends with the tech's at the lab they are really starting to get to know Leah. I don't know if that's a good thing.

Leah is running a high fever yet again today (no seizures with it), and we have no clue why.

Each of us have our moments of missing the old Leah, especially when we see baby's her age crawling and playing. We long for those moments with her. Even though we don't get that right now it's okay because we get to have a special angel in our home. The feeling that she brings into our home is true gratitude, true happiness and true love.

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  1. That is such good news about her vision. She is a very sweet girl and has a sweet spirit surroinding her. Thank you for letting me hold her on Sunday. I promise I'll bring those diapers over.