Monday, April 23, 2012

Dr. Humpherys

We had the great opportunity to meet with Dr. Humpherys, he is a pediatrician and a naturopath. He is awesome! We told him Leah's story and he is ready to help us put the puzzle together to help Leah. He is having Leah's medical records sent to him and he will be studying her MRI's, EEG's etc. and then come up with a plan to help Leah progress.

 Leah is still not developing, that has been our major concern now that her seizures are under control. She got a 101 fever this past week and she didn't have a seizure, which was amazing! Leah's tonic seizures have been gone for 3 weeks now, but she is experiencing some small absent seizures now and then. The crazy thing is she is not producing ketones because they changed her diet so she could gain some weight and she isn't seizing. Go figure! This little girl is very confusing!

So our big question is why is Leah not developing now that her seizures are gone? Is there something else going on? We really need answers, it's so hard to live day to day with no answers. We need answers so we can move on no matter what the outcome will be. But, until then we will continue on and keep fighting until we find those answers.

Leah is going to get her eyes checked tomorrow to make sure there's nothing going on behind her eyes that is causing seizures and to make sure her seizures haven't caused any eye damage. She is also having more blood work done tomorrow.

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