Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy day

It was a great day today. No fever! She has ran a fever for almost 3 weeks. Today was the first day she hasn't had a fever and it was an awesome day. She drank all her bottles today and she drank them like a healthy baby (a strong suck and no dribbles). She cried a lot today (that's a good thing), she gave me great eye contact and she moved her arms and fingers! The crazy thing to all this is she has had small ketones all day. We think because the dietitian changed her formula to have her gain some weight and it's making her produce small ketones...just guessing!

We have come to a conclusion that fevers stink!!! They really threw her off track for the past 3 weeks.

Chad and my older kids do jiu- jitsu and they are taught to have an indomitable spirit. It is a good theme to have when facing challenges. You must not give up. Even if you lose, you get up and fight again. We now have that as the theme in our home.

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