Friday, May 4, 2012

A new light!

We see a new light in Leah's eyes! The past months all I've wanted to see in Leah is the light I saw in her eyes the first five months of her life. I have deeply missed this connection. I now today and the past few days have felt that special connection with her. She is with us, we feel her with us for the first time in four months. It's absolutely beautiful!

Leah is officially four weeks seizure free! She has had a few absent seizures (stares off into space for three seconds) but no big deal. It feels so good to take a breath! In the past when she seized it was so heart breaking. The pain of watching her seize and go blue and waiting for her to take a breath was unbearable. I cried every single time she seized, I never got use to it. I felt like I faced death 6-10 times a day, that takes an emotional toll on the body!

We are weaning Leah off her seizure medication. It is scary but we also know the medication never worked for her. Well...we have seen such an improvement in her since we have started the weaning process. First, like I said we see her. She is also moving her arms and legs more, eating extremely well (it use to take us over an hour to feed her) now she downs a bottle in 10 minutes, she is holding her head up while we burp her, she is responding to sounds, she turns her head to see who's talking. All of this progression is so amazing!

She now has an eye therapist. Leah did so well with therapy, it was the first time I've seen her put forth effort. Therapy has kick up a notch now that she is so responsive.

This week has been the best! We look forward to the next weeks and what is in store for this little girl.

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  1. I am so glad to hear of sweet Leah's progress. She is such a sweet girl! So happy the light is back in her eyes!