Friday, May 11, 2012

Goodbye Keppra (seizure meds)!!!!!!!

Leah is officially off her seizure medication, that medication completely sedated her. Medication can be so scary. We are so happy we never ended up adding another medication, she really would have been more glazed over. Chad and I are going to take the bottle of Keppra out to the desert and shoot it over and over. Sorry that sounds violent and we are NOT violent people but we hate that a drug took our daughter away from us.

It's been a long week. Chad was in California all week and Leah has her two front teeth coming in. She has been miserable and I really missed my husband. Leah had a couple small fevers this week and never seized. Incredible!!!

Leah's muscles get really locked up, we do therapy three times a day to help loosen them. We pray her muscles will make a connection to the brain and her brain will make a connection to her muscles. That has been a really big concern lately. We are so grateful for all the prayers for Leah concerning her seizures and God listened. Her seizures have stopped, it truly is a miracle! As her mother I humbly ask to please continue praying for her and her recovery.

She has moved her legs more this week and has held her head up a little more! Progress is slow but she is making progress. We as humans want more we always want more and more. We have seen a new look in her and I am truly grateful for that but I want my baby back the way she was before she got sick. I miss her so much, my heart aches everyday! I need to be more patient and continue the fight of hope!

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