Monday, May 21, 2012

My friends

My best friend Carisa is moving out of the country tomorrow. It's been a little emotional for me because she has been there for me since I was in junior high. She knows me so well and has really been there for me during this hard time with Leah. I will miss her so much! Luckily it's only a temporary move!

I am so grateful for all my friends! I truly have the greatest friends. My friends from childhood, junior high and high school have really came back into my life, it was like they were never gone. When they found out about Leah they instantly came and helped me. I love each of you and thank you for being there for me. My friends in my neighborhood and from my work I thank you for all the meals and for watching my little Ty when Leah has been in the hospital. I can't thank my friend Regina enough for taking Ty every week during Leah's therapy.

Thank you for all the encouraging texts and all the phone calls just to say you are thinking of us! I love each of you very much!

When Leah had her second tonic seizure I was at the grocery store. Just minutes before her seizure I ran into a childhood friend I hadn't seen in years.. We stood there talking and all of a sudden Leah started seizing I grabbed her and started crying and whispering to her come on baby take a breath. At that moment when she wasn't breathing I wanted to run down the aisle screaming for help. Instead my friend stood there hugging me telling me over and over she's okay.  Jill then helped me check out at the store. It wasn't a coincidence I happen to run into her at that moment. God really does use people to help us.

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