Sunday, May 20, 2012

Loose muscles!!! Yay!!!!

I wish I was a everyday blogger...I guess I'm just a weekly blogger. Life with four kids, traveling husband, working mom makes it such that I can only blog once a week.

Our life with Leah is a roller coaster, some days are up and some days are down. She is still teething. She fevered last week and did have a few seizures during the night. They were not tonic seizures but it made for some sad faces around here.

Her muscles have loosened!!! We are so happy!!!! She is moving her head and fingers and toes. It's so beautiful to watch her little fingers and toes move I could watch them all day long. We hope for some hand eye coordination soon. She looks for me and checks in with me when her therapist works with her. Her therapist said that's such a wonderful sign.

Thank you again for all the prayers!

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