Thursday, September 18, 2014

Seizures are back.

It's been a rough couple of days. None stop seizures. Here's a video of one of them.

 It breaks my heart every single time she seizes like this...I never get use to this. Can you believe she did so well Monday and Tuesday and then she turns so quickly. Man...I wish I understand her sickness. It's a constant roller coaster ride... It's so hard on me...I get very emotional! I panick when she gets like this. I panick when I have done everything I can to stop her seizures and they don't stop. I beg for God's mercy! Over and over! I don't know how I lived with these bad seizures for almost two years. I lived in survival every single day. I am so much stronger than I thought. I am so proud of myself! I now realize how well she is doing... She has really done so much better these past few months. Days like today happen only about twice or three times a month...thankfully! I had to go pick her up from school. She had five of these seizures in 20 minutes. It freaked her teacher out. God bless special needs teachers is all I have to say. They really take great care of her. I am so thankful a nurse is there to care for her. She has had countless seizures today...honestly days like this I fear her body won't hold up. She has such labored breathing. Thank goodness for oxygen...and diet coke and chocolate for me!

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