Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Love/Hate fevers!

Leah has been battling some horrible amounts of seizures these past two days. Lots of seizures before sickness is Leah's life. Inflammation causes seizures. So, of course we wait for the fever to hit. It came yesterday afternoon...24 hours after seizures begin. Her eyes didn't work at all for that 24 hours of seizures...so sad! The good news is...once her body starts fevering...seizures slow down and her eyes return to normal. We have a love/hate relationship with fevers. Hate the 24 hours before but love how she is while fevering...I know this sounds crazy but she is alert, her eyes work perfect and she is so active- legs and arms move a lot. Doctors believe what she has is autoimmune. Ibuprofen is our best friend right now. Seriously! What child looks and acts better when they run a fever. She truly is a mystery girl!

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