Thursday, September 18, 2014

24 hours seizure free.

This is an update I did on Leah's private FB page. If anyone wants to be added let me know.

Leah hasn't had a seizure for the past 24 hours. She had her first seizure free school day. Her teacher wrote a long list of all the things she did today. Leah made many choices at school with her eyes. This is very rare for Leah. I am so happy to hear all the success today! We had a great night with her last night and hoped it continued today. Last night she was very alert. It's like a light switch comes on. Usually it only lasts for a couple hours. This time 24 hours! She has had great eye contact, she tracks, she turns her head when I call her name. Her body is really loose so she is able to move her feet, toes and fingers. I am one happy mama today!

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