Monday, February 17, 2014

A new path of answers.

On Friday morning Chad and I took Leah to see Dr. Swoboda. We were informed that Leah's spinal tap showed that she has a dopamine deficiency. The doctor doesn't know the root cause so they took more blood and sent it off to a Children's Seattle hospital. In the meantime she is treating Leah with dopamine metabolites. Because Leah has had severe reactions to medications in the past Dr. Swoboda wanted Leah to stay up at the clinic for the day and make sure she does well while she started her on a couple medications. Leah didn't have any adverse affect on the new medications so we went home. She is on a very low dose right now. Dr. Swaboda wants to keep in close contact and slowly up the medications. She said it will take a couple months to fully work. We have already seen some changes in Leah. She is very active with her eyes. She is moving her arms, hands, fingers, legs and toes (she has never really moved her toes). These are very small moments but she is moving. Also, when we hold her she tries to move her core, which totally freaks us out. When she does this we think she is going into a seizure but she doesn't she is just moving. It's been so fun to watch her interact with us. We are still trying to stay grounded and not get our hopes up too much! It feels so good to be on a new path. This doctor amazes me. She is working so hard to find out what's wrong with Leah. I am trying really hard to never live in the past but it bothers me that none of our doctors sent us to Dr. Swoboda. Leah's condition is exactly what she specializes in. I just have to leave it in the past and be happy that she is now our doctor.

By the way...what Leah has is extremely rare!!! Obviously right?!!

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