Saturday, February 22, 2014

A great day up at the Capitol!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon up at the Capitol. The HB105 (bill for CBD oil) finally got out of the Rules Committee and into the Law Enforcement Committee. Chad was asked to speak at the Committee hearing.  Time was running short so only two people spoke, Jennifer and Annette. The other two speakers were an individual from the Control Substance board and the other from the Utah Medical Association. They were opposing the bill. The story gets interesting at this point. The woman from UMA opposing the bill is one of my clients. A very good client and friend...a client I have had for many many years. She knows everything about my life with Leah. She knows everything I have been through and all my heartaches. It was very difficult for me to have her there opposing our bill. I know she was just doing her job but it hurt. She was the last speaker. I was very emotional and said a little prayer in my heart that she would not take this away from us. She is a very good speaker, she travels around speaking to huge groups of people. I don't know if it was five news camera's on her or what but she was shaking to death. I literally was not expecting what just happened. She didn't make sense, she read her testimony fast with no rim or reason, she couldn't pronounce the words like cannabanoids. She called it CSD instead of CBD. A lot of her information was not correct. It really was not good and was not like her to mess up so bad. But, I was so happy...I felt like my prayer was answered.  Basically she said there's not enough clinical trials and research to go ahead and legalize hemp. First of all, our kids don't have time for clinical trials. It takes 4-10 years for clinical trials and hemp oil is already legal, we just want to bring it in from Colorado. Anyway, After her testimony Rep. Layton spoke. It was awesome. She said (I got this from the Salt Lake Tribune):
 Rep. Dana Layton, R-Orem, said safety isn't the main concern with the legislation because the children already aren't safe.
"Long term is not in the cards for a lot of these kids, and to deny them a short-term possible solution or treatment because of some philosophical objection about what could happen in the long term when these kids' life expectancies are not long to start with, I think, would be wrong," Layton said.
That was just a small piece of what she said. I wanted to jump up and clap and give her a big hug. She got it spot on! After Rep. Oda who supports us made a comment and then he asked that the bill go to the House floor. He said all in favor say "I". All said "I" except two, one is a doctor and he asked that we change the bill for only treating Epilepsy not all neurological conditions. I think we have him once the bill is reworded. When the Rep. pounded the gavel. All us parents jumped up and hugged each other and just cried. It was such an incredible moment. One I will never forget! Now on to the next step...the House!!!
All news stations and news papers were there. Many families got interviewed. The Salt Lake Tribune had the best article:

I talked to my client afterwards and she really felt bad. I told her I have no ill feelings towards her. I also told her I loved her and valued our friendship. She said the same.

This statement was just released from the national Epilepsy Foundation:


Leah girl- We will never give up!!! 

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