Monday, February 2, 2015

Sweet little Brooklyn

I have to say I am really struggling today. I found out earlier today that a sweet little girl named Brooklyn is very sick and is expected to not make it. Brooklyn has seizures just like Leah. Brooklyn does not communicate or move just like Leah. Brooklyn is undiagnosed just like Leah. Brooklyn and Leah are so much alike. I met Brooklyn's mom Britney about eight months ago and I felt something...a definite bond. Just knowing that there is another mom out there that is experiencing the same thing as me...just knowing that there is someone out there that understands exactly what I'm going through with Leah because she was going through the same thing. Brooklyn is about to pass away. I am feeling very sad. It has struck me harder than I thought. I have to admit I am scared every single day of losing Leah. I hugged and kissed Leah today and just cried. Life so precious!

I am so grateful I met Britney. Brooklyn is truly an angel!!!

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