Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Leah got an aide!!!

I want to share some news that I am so happy about! Leah finally got an aide to ride in the van with her on the way to school. I am so happy I am crying right now! I know this may sound very minor to some but I have fought and fought to get an aide to be with her and everyone just kept telling me that Leah isn't bad enough for an aide to be with her. In my opinion that was just an excuse- I think they just didn't want to pay for an aide. I have held my breath hoping she doesn't choke or have a bad seizure- knowing there is no one to help her when putting her in the school van for the last six months. Well, the nurse at the school finally got involved and demanded it. I am now at ease knowing her aide is there to help her. Leah gave her aide a big smile when she saw her this morning!

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