Sunday, February 22, 2015

New shoes!

I found shoes for Leah...its a miracle!!! I have been trying to find shoes for Leah for months...okay maybe a year...seriously! It's been impossible. Her muscle tone makes it difficult, her old broken ankle :( makes it difficult and frankly she freaks out when I try and put shoes on her. It's the only time she moves her legs and feet. She really hates them. These ones in the pic that I found are for fun. But she does need some very sturdy athlete type shoes so she can go in her stander at school. Her PT said her hips are ready for the stander now. Yay! She hasn't been in a stander for a long time because her hips weren't lined up. Now it's time! Her PT said to go on Zulilys and order lots of pairs and then send back the ones that don't work. Humm...I guess I am going to have to do that. 

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