Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Exciting news!!!

First of all.. 
Leah is back to herself and the seizures have dramatically decreased. Thanks to my friend Jessica she has a new highchair. We love it! It works a lot better for us. I use to use her wheelchair in the kitchen and at the dinner table but now that she is in school I leave her wheelchair in the garage. I am not able to go in and out of the house with the wheelchair because I don't have a ramp...yet!

Now for the exciting news:
At school today, Leah got assessed for the Eagle eyes. It's a system for controlling the computer using your eyes. Her teacher said she rocked it out  she said she was able to track all four quadrants of the screen and she knew exactly what she was doing. WOW!!! I knew Leah has always been in there and this just confirms it. I am in tears! I can't believe there is a device that makes it possible for her to learn and communicate. She will be assessed again next week. This is just amazing!

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