Sunday, July 6, 2014

Surgery went well.

I am so embarrassed that it has been a month since I have wrote on Leah's blog. Summer has begun and time just flies by. Leah had her tonsils out on June 9th. Everything went very well. The doctor put her in ICU after surgery to make sure Leah didn't do anything funny...Because she does have a history of that ;) She was in ICU for about a day and a half and then they let us go home. One of the doctors was a little bit hesitant to send her home because she was running a small fever but Chad talk him into letting us go home and keep a good eye on her. Luckily, we have a lot of equipment at home to watch her vitals. Leah started breathing so much better right after surgery and she continues to breathe so much better! Leah continued to run a small fever from leaving the hospital and it began to get worse so we took her in to the doctor and she got pneumonia from the anesthetic. Dr. Hornyik put her on two antibiotics and she was put back on oxygen for about five days at home. She started to get better and then about a week later she started to run a fever again and so we called the doctor and she changed her antibiotic. She is now doing so much better and she is back to herself. Yay!!! By the way -the seizures were horrible when she got pneumonia and when she was running fevers now her seizures are back to about five a day!

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