Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Believe it or not Leah will be three in August! Crazy! It feels like she is still my baby. We are very nervous for this new step but it's preschool time in the Fall. We have two places she can go. One is the school for the Deaf and Blind (Leah has cortical vision which means sometimes her eyes and brain don't communicate with each other) and the other is the Jordan School District special needs preschool. Today we visited the Deaf and Blind school. It went well. We like that the classroom is very small (four kids starting in the Fall). We like that there is two or three aids and a nurse right there in the classroom. The class will gradually get bigger as the year goes but not much bigger. We really liked the nurse and the teacher. The class is four days a week 9:30-2:00. We can choose to only go two or three days. A van picks her up and takes her to the school up in Milcreek (I know that's far away). Then we have the Jordan School District preschool which is only a couple miles away and it's a half day two days a week. There are around 15 students with two aids and the teacher with no nurse on site. There are also model children (main stream children in class). We will visit this school in two weeks. We, of course are very nervous to send her off but I know she will love it. Her eyes light up when we go to the special needs school for play time on Fridays. Even though she can't talk or walk or even hold her head up that little girl is in there and I know she will love watching all the kids and get a chance in her own way to color, play with play dough and learn. I think we will know in our hearts what preschool will be right for her.

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