Sunday, June 1, 2014

Aware of Angels

We are so excited to announce that Leah will be getting full genome mapping done. Aware of Angels is an organization that was put together by our friend Season. She is amazing. We met her and her family when we were lobbying to get the oil legalized in Utah. Her daughter Asia has a chromosome disorder and she also suffers from seizures. Season has started this foundation to help diagnose children with rare disorders. She has got doctors and labs to donate their services to help these children. Leah is now one of them and one of the first to hopefully be diagnosed through the genome mapping. We are so excited and so grateful to be a part of this. What a blessing in our lives! We have met with the doctors who are donating their services and they are just completely amazing. They are sending a nurse to come to our home to take my blood, Chad's blood and Leah's blood. They are also swabbing the cheeks of our other kids. They are very anxious to find what might be going on with Leah. We hope and pray that they will find what is wrong with Leah. This is our last resort for Leah. Our insurance denied this testing and we appealed it and they of course denied it again so we are so grateful to have this donated to us. I just feel like so many wonderful things are happening in Leah's life and we are finally going down a great path for her. She deserves it!

Chad and Leah are in a video on a website called Elenity. They are featuring Aware of Angels. 50% of all profits are donated to Aware of Angels. Check out the video here:
Just click on read more and then click on the video. It's a tear jerker!!!

Check out Aware of Angels website:

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