Friday, May 16, 2014

ENT doctor and Sleep doctor.

Leah's overnight sleep study confirmed that she needed to see ENT doctor and a sleep doctor. We saw Dr. Park about three weeks ago and he confirmed that Leah does need her tonsils out. He also said that most likely she will need her adenoids out too. He is very concerned for her and wants her to get the best care possible during her surgery. We could tell he is very nervous for her for this surgery. As we all know Leah is a mystery child and he can see that she is so that makes him not know exactly how she will react to the surgery.  Because he is nervous I of course am nervous but Chad said that it's good to have the doctor nervous that means he will be right on top of things. He told us that he will have a special team on hand-I don't really know what special team he is talking about but he knows what he's doing. He also told us to plan on staying in the hospital for a week but most likely it will only be for about three days. Her surgery is scheduled for Monday, June 9th. I am feeling okay about the surgery. I do feel bad that it's just another thing that she has to go through. Poor girl!

Last week I took Leah to see the sleep doctor Dr. Pfeiffer. She also is very concerned for Leah! I really feel bad for Leah's doctors- she just confuses them. She thinks that Leah does not have sleep apnea. She said that yes Leah does desat at night but she doesn't believe she actually stops breathing. She went over everything with me that happened to Leah during her sleep, it was very interesting. She doesn't want Leah on CPAP machine mainly because Leah does throw up at night and that she feels it will be very uncomfortable for her. Plus she feels like ultimately the oxygen is doing what she needs right now. She asked us if we have heard about the CBD oil? Ha ha ha! We sure have-she said that she believes it would be very beneficial for Leah. We certainly agree. She said that she would like a second overnight sleep study done a couple months after her tonsils come out and when she has been on the oil for a couple of months. Sounds great to us!

So here we go- surgery on June 9th.

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