Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Leah's eyes!

Leah's eyes are beautiful! They speak words to us. They are our only communication with her. Sometimes her eyes get stuck up or to the side for an hour or a half day or the whole day. On days that her eyes don't work it's devastating to me. It hurts me more than seizures because seizures always end but I never know when her eyes will return and maybe one day they may never return to normal. Her eyes are the most important thing to us and because of this we decided to send her to the Deaf and Blind school (USDB) in August. We met with the Jordan school district a couple weeks ago and wrote up her IEP. At that meeting we had to make our decision about which school is best for her. Chad knew from the start that USDB was the best school for her. I knew it in my heart too! Her IEP meeting was very emotional for me. I had to fill out a packet of all the things she could do and all the words she could say and I had to mark "no" for everything. I just cried and cried...so embarrassing! It was a moment for me of realization. Anyway, she will be off in someone else's care for two days a week...so scary to me. But, it will be so good for her. Now the next project..we need to build a ramp for her wheelchair so she can go into a van that will pick her up. Where's the tissues??!!

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