Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pluggin' along!

Life is pluggin' along! I haven't been able to blog as much as I would like because Chad travels a lot in January. He had a great time at the Big Sky Montana Dermatology conference. He looks forward to this conference every year. Basically he has meetings for three hours of the day and then he gets to snowboard most of the day. He had knee surgery about six weeks ago and the doctor said he could snowboard as long as it was powder. Lucky him the snow was awesome and his knee held up. I am so happy he got to go have some fun. Life is hard at home so it's so nice to get away from the stress and enjoy life. That's what keeps us sane.

Leah has had a pretty good couple of weeks. She has had some days with seizures and some without. We celebrate the seizure free days. She has been crying these past few weeks. We love it, but she doesn't have any coping skills so that makes for some long crying sessions. We went to get her upper GI track looked at this past week. The radiologist said everything looked good. He said she is having some reflex but it probably won't be a problem. We are waiting to hear from Dr. Jackson (GI doctor) to see when he will be putting in her G-tube.

She is handling the ketogenic diet well so far. Here's a picture of everything it takes to make her special diet. 

Here's Leah sportin' a pebbles look, she is starting to get more hair.

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