Sunday, February 24, 2013

Leah has had some good days this week. There were a couple days where she had no seizures. She then cried to eat and moved her arms and legs, I could tell she wanted to smile a couple times. These were awesome days. I love these days but they are also very emotional for me (they play with my mind). It's hard to see her come and go. Although I do treasure these days!

She is getting her permanent feeding tube next Tuesday March 5th. It is a surgical procedure and she will be put under. We are very nervous about how she will respond to the anesthetic. As you all know she has awful reactions to many medications. We will be talking to the Anesthesiologist about her and what anesthetic is best for her. She will be up at PCMC for a couple days. We would love lots of prayers for her that day.

Ty put his favorite stuffed animal next to Leah while she was sweet!

Leah's stander. She is put in this three times a day for 10-15 mins. It helps her bones by putting pressure on them.

Her therapist brought this special toy. When she touches the beads it plays "It's a small world". 

Love it!!!

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