Sunday, November 11, 2012

Today I am grateful that our family has learned compassion.

I think compassion is something learned and you can only learn it by experience (I don't know maybe some people naturally have it). But the people who have helped me the most this past year is people who have experienced a similar trial in their life. A woman in my neighborhood who has lost a couple babies showed me so much love and compassion. One day I was struggling really bad I wouldn't put Leah down and I completely stopped eating. She showed up at my door no phone call or anything and brought me tons of fresh food. She looked me in the eye with pure compassion, she knew exactly what I was experiencing. She didn't know I had stopped taking care of myself and stopped eating but, I knew she was God sent. She made homemade wheat bread with homemade jam, fresh veggie plates, fruit plates, dinner etc. Tons of food that lasted days. My body was replenished and I was able to fight the battle again. I will never forget that.

Throughout my whole life I wanted to always be a compassionate person, I always want to help others in need. I thought I was a compassionate person until I experienced this trial. I have now learned true compassion. I am so grateful for my trial because I now have this wonderful attribute!

As a mother I have always wanted my kids to be compassionate people. I found out a couple months ago that they have learned compassion. Last Spring, Trent's second grade teacher pulled me aside and told me that she is so thankful for Trent and what he has done for Katie this past year. She continued to tell me that Trent helped Katie every single day while all the other kids ran off doing their own thing. My eyes teared up and my heart melted because Katie has Down Syndrome. That is the best thing a mother could hear. I am so proud of my son!

Sometimes I feel bad that my kids have to experience such a hard trial in their life. But, this trial is molding and shaping them into beautiful children. They don't judge other kids, they accept every one for who they are. They are strong kids and they now know that they can do anything they put their mind to and the most wonderful thing is they have the most beautiful hearts!

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  1. Beautifully written. Compassion is wonderful! You have an amazing and strong family!