Friday, November 9, 2012

Today I am grateful for:

My kids!

I am so lucky to have four beautiful children! They make me so happy! Lauryn is so sweet (with a little sassy). She is very witty and knows how to have fun! She is always thinking of others! She loves kids. My friends love to have Lauryn around because she plays with their kids and she is a big help. I love how much she loves animals. One day I need to fulfill her dream and get her an animal. My Trent has such a kind heart. He is very mellow and goes with the flow. He is a teachers dream. He always follows the rules, he almost always gets straight A's and he is very respectful. Trent is an amazing artist and athlete. Tyler is wild and crazy but still listens and obeys. He is our entertainer! He says the funniest things and makes everyone laugh. He also knows how to have fun (Lauryn and him really play off each other). He makes all of us so happy! Leah is our pure angel...she just glows! We hope and pray to get to know this little girl someday! I am so thankful for all of them and what each of them bring to our family! I love them so much!

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