Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ty & Leah

It's Ty's 4th birthday today! I wanted to share a little about Ty & Leah. Tyler is quite the little boy, as many of you know. He is FULL of personality!!! He is very big for his age, he has been off the charts since he was four months old. This kid has a huge butt and major thunder thighs (football material). He is a natural athlete. He is mister social, the king of the crowd!!! He is always happy and makes everyone laugh. We couldn't imagine our life without him. I know Tyler was suppose to be in our family to help Leah. He protects this little girl like you wouldn't believe. He is so rough and tough but when it comes to Leah he is so loving and gentle. He loves this little girl. He kisses and hugs her all day. Whatever happens to Leah in the future she has a big brother to protect and love her! We love you Ty Ty!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Ty!!!! You are an amazing big brother. Thanks for all of your smiles. Love ya,Candice