Monday, October 29, 2012

EEG results, more testing.

Leah went to Dr. Longo last week (metabolic/genetic doctor). He said Leah is a rare case and a mystery. He said almost all genetic tests have already been ran. He wants Leah checked back into the hospital to run a few more tests. He says there's one syndrome that is lining up that Leah could have. If it is this syndrome then the outcome isn't good, but we don't go down that path until we have to. We have been worried about her having a genetic disease that could be pass down. He confirmed to us that Leah doesn't have any genetic diseases that was a cause of bad gene's in the family and that nothing will be passed down. Whatever Leah might have is a result of her own body.

She also went to Dr. Inman, an immunologist. She is also going to be running some tests. Leah also went to Dr. Young (eye doctor), her eyes look great. Some good news!

Leah's EEG was not good. She is having multiple seizures in the right frontal lobe of her brain that can only be seen on an EEG. She was started on seizure medication right away, she is actually doing very well on this medication.

Our emotions get going again when we have all these doctor appointments.  We really would love for a doctor to just say "Leah has this condition and here is a medication to treat it" and bam Leah comes back to us and life continues. Not reality right? I think it's okay to dream sometimes. Man...I really miss that little girl!

She did have a day of lots of smiles last week. God knew we needed it!

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