Monday, October 15, 2012

Therapy is over...for now.

Leah's "Now I can" therapy is over. The four weeks went by so fast. It was an amazing experience. Leah's body now has good structure (she's not a wet noodle anymore). She can hold her head up for about 10 seconds, she is doing awesome. She worked hard every single day.  The therapist taught me and Chad some therapy to keep up with her. It was a little hard to get the positioning done right but now I'm doing better and soon I'll be a pro. We learned SO much there and we are so excited about the future. Before this session of therapy I was so sad I didn't know how to help Leah progress and now I feel so powerful, like I can do anything to help her. The therapist there are amazing. They give us so much hope! I want to thank our wonderful parents and my sister who helped us take Leah to therapy we could not of done it without each of you. We love you guys! We will be continuing therapy at home with her until next March. That's when we will start another session.

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