Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Now I can" therapy

 I know what you are thinking "what in the world does she have on?' This is as suit that has bungee cords on it so she has tension on her muscles at all times. The astronauts wear these under their space suits.

This is Sergio her physical therapist. He is so awesome with Leah.

 She usually cries the whole time. She is not in pain, she is just not familiar with her body feeling this way.

 This is called the spider cage. It helps her hold her head up and learn to sit up.

 WOW!!! She looks so frail. These are tension bandages to help opposing muscles relax.

Therapist say she works harder then most kids. 


  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures. Leah is beautiful and you are amazing!

  2. Thanks for keeping your blog updated. I am always thinking about your family and sending prayers your way! Leah is a doll!