Sunday, September 9, 2012


Chad and I have experienced so many emotions this past year. A lot of the emotions are the stages of mourning. We have felt anger, bitterness, denial, sadness etc. I think we have now entered acceptance. It's a good place to be after feeling so much pain. At times the pain has been unbearable. But we know that this is the life that Leah was given. As much as we want a different life for her this is what's meant to be. We accept that! She is still very young and things can turn around for her but this is where she is at right now and it's going to be okay. We don't have answers and we don't know her future but we do know that God knows and we trust him. He knows what's best for her and we need to accept that! We love her and we will continue fighting for her to have the best life possible.

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