Thursday, December 25, 2014

Adding a third day at school/Meet with Genetic Doctor!

 She is also doing so great at school. They want to add a third day during the week after the Christmas break. I think this is a great idea because she has progressed so much since she has been in school. I think we made such a good choice with her school. Also, we met with a genetic doctor a couple weeks ago. He and other doctors have been doing Leah's genetic testing. They found a few things but needed to do testing on our families to confirm those specific mutations. Our families gathered and they all got cheek swabs done. I love them all for doing that for us. He also said they need to do Leah's full genome (DNA) testing. He said that he needed funding to continue. We said we are ready to do fundraising or whatever needed he became uncomfortable and said he cannot ask us for money. He said he will find the funding through some foundations. Hopefully we can move on to the next level of testing soon. I am learning to have great patience 

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