Thursday, December 25, 2014

A neat Christmas surprise!

Leah received a package in the mail full of Christmas cards from high school kids. It was such a neat surprise and of course it made me cry! We don't know any of these teenagers and they took the time to reach out and show love. Leah also received some gifts from some high school kids from Olympus who come to her school and help in her classroom. These kids are truly special. I went to her school last week for a Christmas party and I met these awesome kids. The love they have for her is truly overwhelming. They told me that she and the other students have changed their lives for the better. My eyes were full of tears. One girl made her a rice bag to help keep her warm and a guy gave her a Frozen snuggie blanket and explained that he wanted to give her a blanket that would cover her arms when she is in her wheelchair. I watched these teenagers love and care for her. It was so beautiful to watch! These moments of love make our Christmas extra special. 

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