Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Surgery went well!

As many of you know we were so nervous about Leah's surgery. She doesn't respond to medication well so we were nervous she would have a reaction to the anesthetic. Her Anesthesiologist was awesome, she spend time talking with us about all our concerns. Chad and I felt good about it and I then handed Leah over to her and I cried as I walked to the waiting room. The surgery was only an hour and then they came and got me. She looked great and came out of the anesthetic very well. No seizures or anything. Her vitals were great and she was then transferred to the Neuro drama unit (our 2nd home) it's really sad when we know all the nurses on the floor. They greeted Leah with a welcome back I looked at them like we really wish we weren't here. She did really well a few hours after surgery. Then about four hours later she started to really cry, a very painful cry. We were so surprised to hear such a strong sad cry. The nurse gave her Tylenol and she continued to really wail. About 30 mins later we decided it was morphine time. She stopped crying immediately. Thank goodness for morphine! She rested well the rest of the night. Chad stayed the night with her and then I will go up in the morning.

They will be watching her over night to make sure she is handling the new feeding tube okay and then they are doing an ultrasound on her kidneys tomorrow to make sure they are holding up okay. Then she should be coming home sometime tomorrow. She is also getting an MRI next Monday.

Thank you everyone for all the prayers. We are so grateful everything went well today!


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  2. So happy to hear everything went well!!! Thinking about you often!

  3. My Sweet April, My problems are so minescule compared to this...I've cried and cried and asked why....I so wish I could change this or help in some small way...I love you and pray for you all