Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A sweet moment!

This happened yesterday March 19th:

Leah had a great weekend. She went three days with no seizures. She started crying again and moving. We loved every minute of it. She also stopped her diet on Friday. We anticipated lots of seizures and we were warned by doctors that when her diet stopped she would experience a lot of seizures but instead she had a wonderful couple of days. Then it hit and it hit hard last night when her body finally went out of ketosis. She was having seizure after seizure. Bad screaming seizures all night long. It was horrible. I went to bed totally upset and Chad was in Montana for work. When I went to get her in the morning she wasn't breathing well and her eyes were rolled up into her head and she wasn't responding (This is not usual for Leah, she has never looked like this before). I went into a full panic, I thought she was dying at that moment.  I decided to give her one more minute before calling 911. I prayed and prayed and told her to hang on. Then after a minute her breathing slowly got better and her eyes started getting back to normal. How MANY lives does this little girl have? I went and gave her a warm bath and just cried. I cried out to God saying...why? Why does this have to continue with this little girl? I can't take it anymore, she can't take it anymore. This needs to stop! I was feeling a little frustrated with God. I got her out of the tub and I started dressing her. I noticed her skin didn't look so pale and her eyes were focusing. I picked her up and held her up to my face and noticed she was completely engaged with me. I said "Hi Leah" and the corners of her mouth went up. I was in complete shock. I was thinking "Did that just happen?" Then Tyler yelled "Mom, Leah just smiled."I thought "Oh my gosh that wasn't my imagination, that really happened."She continued to be engaged with all of us the whole day. Her skin coloring was awesome all day and she had lots of emotions on her face (I haven't seen this since last Summer).  I saw my baby today! Just when everything came crashing down and I couldn't pull myself up. God stepped in. This was a tender mercy moment He gave me to lift me up and help me continue to fight the battle. Another beautiful moment I will never forget!


  1. A tender mercy for sure! Thank you for sharing this beautiful blessing. We're praying for you all continually. Please let me know if I can do anything to help. ((( hugs)))

  2. April I think of you your sweet family and your angel often! I cannot imagine how you are feeling. You're amazing!!!! HUGS!