Sunday, March 31, 2013


I love Spring time! I love watching everything turn green again. I love spring flowers and feeling the air get warm again. Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. I feel like it's especially special now that we have Leah. Easter is special because we now celebrate that we get to see Leah again.

We have all experienced a tremendous amount of pain "loosing Leah".  Pain that I don't wish upon my worst enemy.  The pain hurts so bad that anyone would do anything to have it taken away. I have not done this but I can now understand how people get involved with alcohol and drugs to help ease any pain they are experiencing. It may temporary take the pain away. I can tell you that I have times where I get stubborn and I choose to carry my pain on my own. It has only made me absolutely miserable. When I have humbled myself and ask for help from God, my life completely changes. My pain is taken and replaced with peace and comfort. I know that I will see Leah again someday.

Through our hardest times we have found comfort through music. Awhile back one of our friends Randy Gubler introduced us to Alex Boye's music. Randy is good friends with Alex and told us to listen to his music. We think he is amazing. One of his song's "Be still my soul" has got us through really hard times.  Here is a link to listen (I love the words to this song):

We are having a wonderful Easter! The weather is beautiful and Leah is having a great day!

Happy Easter!

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