Sunday, January 20, 2013

She is home!

Leah is finally home! Ten days in the hospital is misery! Leah doesn't do well in the hospital, really no one likes the hospital. I seriously don't ever want to step into that hospital again. Yes, PCMC has killer salads and the best diet coke but really how long can one live on that. My friends brought us some yummy homemade dinners throughout the week that really hit the spot.

A home nurse meet us here when Leah got home and set up her feeding machine. She taught us how to use it.  It's so easy and portable. Our life is already easier because we don't have to worry about her feedings. It took Leah a couple days to get use to having the tube down her throat. I also had to learn how to replace her tube if it comes out and it also has to be changed every month. So to learn how I had to stick a tube down a nurses nose to her stomach. I told her she is crazy for having me do this to her. She said I'd rather have you practice on me rather than your baby. I thought that was very nice. So I got really brave and I did it. It really wasn't too bad.

Here's Leah with her feeding tube chillin' at home. She is looking very sleepy!

Our next step is to just she how she does on the diet. Her seizures have decreased, which is great! We are talking about moving on to other hospitals outside of PCMC. Ones that are specialized with kids like Leah. PCMC is good but not great. They are very behind. So we will start investigating.

It's so nice to have her home again. I love when my family is all together. We celebrated her home with some awesome mexican food (we all love mexican food) and a night home all together watching a movie with tons of candy and popcorn (thanks Marshalls for the movie and treats). It's also so nice to have our stress level lowered. We are so much more relaxed with her at home with us. I can't wait to sit down this afternoon with the whole family together watching some football by the fire with a big diet coke and some chips and salsa. Now that's what I call happiness!!!

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