Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Leah's appointment with the nutritionist went well. She was happy with her progress. Today Leah gets sugar for the first time in four months (her diet didn't have any sugar and very little carbohydrates).  We are slowly adding carbohydrates back into her diet. In three weeks she will officially be off the diet. We truly know that the diet worked for her and stopped her seizures but we also know that it's time to go off it. Leah will probably have a seizure when she gets sick and runs a fever but at least now she won't have seizure after seizure. She most likely will grow out of the seizures by two years old.

Paula (she is the nutritionist and nurse practitioner in neurology), apologized to us that they never found anything with Leah and that she doesn't have a diagnoses. We continue to tell them that we are happy they didn't find any horrible disease. We can live without a diagnoses. We KNOW Leah is going to be okay. Yes, because of this set back she may have some physical disabilities down the line.  Then again, maybe she will just catch up one day. We can handle anything!

Leah was in a comatose state for three months. She lost almost everything, thankfully she never lost her will to eat. She is the most amazing little girl. She fought for her life every single day and continues to fight. I wish everyone could feel of this little girls spirit. There are not very many people on this earth that have this will power to live. I see her (our Leah before she got sick) in her little body fighting to come out. She works hard every single day. She gets so upset because her body won't do what she wants it to do. I will do everything in my power to help her reconnect.

I love being her mom. Anyone who knows me knows I like having a clean organized house and I like having my hair and makeup done nice everyday (thats the hair dresser in me). Well...all these things don't exist in my world right now. My house is barely making it and I look like a mom who puts her baby and other kids first. I am happy and I am loving living in the moment!

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  1. Thank you for the update, it great to hear. I wish I could see Leah again and feel of her sweet spirit....it is undeniable how special she is. And you Miss April are amazing! Love your strong will as a mother to never give up. Your family is inspiring. I'll call you on Sunday....I'm pretty sure that's a special day for you :) love you!