Friday, July 6, 2012


Leah is doing well! She is moving her arms from her shoulder and kicking her legs. We didn't get any smiles this week...we hope for more soon! Her head control is getting better along with eye contact and tracking. She is moving along, we wish it was at a faster pace but progress is progress and we will take any of it.

She has been on vitamin B12 for a week now. She doesn't cry when we give her the shots, the needles are so tiny she barely feels it.  We are starting to see a difference in her motor skills, which is why we are giving her the vitamin B12. The doctor said it would take about a month before we see a big changes in her motor skills. We are crossing our fingers it helps a lot!

We meet with the nutritionist on Monday, we will be discussing the next step for Leah. I will post what we find out.

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