Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Today we went to the hospital to get some labs done to make sure Leah's body is still handling the diet well. Saturday was Leah's best day, she had large ketones that day (we check her ketones 3 times a day through a urine sample not the best job but we do it). After Saturday she has only had moderate ketones, yesterday and today have been okay days for Leah. We hope her body will start producing large ketones again soon.

Last Saturday was awesome, we saw our old Leah. It's hard on me when she has bad days after a great day. I just want those good days to keep going. But...we focus on the good days and keep going. The negative can eat you up all day long if you let it. Every morning my goal is to think positive and always be grateful.

We mix up Leah's formula every night for the next day. It's quite the process, we have to weigh on a scale about 4 ingredients and mix it up. We test Lauryn and Trent's math skills and have them help us. Her formula costs around $350 dollars a month, thankfully our insurance covers it 100%. Another wonderful blessing in our life.

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  1. April-

    I have checked this blog EVERYDAY! I keep her and your family in my prayers! I hope everything goes well. These pictures look SO cute! Love you tons! If you need anything let me know!!