Thursday, March 15, 2012

Therapy day!

Thursday is therapy day for Leah.  Becca comes and works with Leah and teaches me what I can do to help develop Leah's motor skills. We love Thursdays at our house! Becca is so positive and I love learning new things to help Leah. She did well today. She showed Becca lots of emotions, which she never did in the past.

Leah's seizures come only when she is falling asleep and waking up. When her left brain and right brain cross over something is back firing, which causes seizures. They don't know why this is happening, which is very frustrating. Not having answers is very hard! There is a good chance she will grow out of her seizures. Who knows if or when...but we pray she will.

This blog is great therapy for me, I want to write something everyday. Even if it's just a one liner, a quote for the day (to help me) or of coarse information on Leah.  I don't consider myself a great writer but I do this for me, my family and friends. One day I want to make it into a book for us to have to remember this time in our life.

Quote for the day:

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.  ~Winston Churchill


  1. I love reading your blog April and hearing how little Leah is doing! So glad she is having some good days! You're an amazing lady, she's lucky to have you as her Mommy!!

  2. You are so incredible. You are such an inspiration. You guys are in our prayers!