Friday, March 9, 2012

Leah's home!!!

We are so excited to have Leah home. She is doing really well, we have noticed a few things about her. She let out a little cry last night, her eye contact is great and is eating well. We are so grateful she doesn't have a feeding tube. She is a fighter, I have never seen a baby fight for their life as she has. She is amazing!!! We look forward to great days ahead of us.

We think we found a new neurologist today, he is very genuine and positive. I just want to say never never settle for the first doctor. There are so many doctors out there, some really good ones and some really really bad ones. ALWAYS get second and third opinions. If you search you will find the one for you. I believe as mothers and fathers we know what's best for our children they don't. I want a doctor that believes in mother intuition and listens to what we want for our children. One more thing, make sure you are in control when dealing with doctors. Don't let them control you because they sure love that power. Sorry...I had to get that out!

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  1. I agree with this so much! Trust your gut! We had a bad experience in a hospital with a power hungry Doctor and Alex. We left the hospital against Dr. Recommendation.. UGH! I CRIED when I saw your video of Leah crying. Oh the joys of a babies noise!