Friday, March 14, 2014

The Senate unanimously passed our bill!

On Tuesday, March 11 the Senate passed HB105 unanimously!!! It was an amazing experience as Chad and I sat in the Senate gallery and anxiously waited for the Senate votes. Our sponsor Senator, Sen. Urqhart presented the bill to the Senators then five senators responded to the bill with such great support. I loved what Sen. Mayne said: she said that we need to jump into the water and give these children a chance at a better life. Sen. Urqhart then presented to the Senate floor a little girl named Charlee Nelson. She was then wheeled in by her parents. (She is a six-year-old little girl who is dying from a neurological disease called Batton Disease). He began to tell the Senators that Charlee's parents wanted the chance to treat Charlee with CBD oil but unfortunately it's too late. Charlee only has a short time to live. There was not a dry eye in the gallery, even a couple of senators were crying! The Senators then stood up and applauded her and her family. Then the Senate asked that us families in the gallery wave down to them. The Senators then again stood up and applauded us families. Words can't describe the emotions we felt when the senators applauded us for all of our hard work and how hard our lives are on a continuous basis with our epileptic children. It was just amazing!!! Then the senators voted: it was unanimous!!! What a beautiful day! Chad and I then walked out of the gallery and hugged all the families with huge smiles on all of our faces. Chad and I were interviewed by KSL News and Leah's picture was on a lot of the news stations. The bill is now called "Charlee's law". It was named after the beautiful Charless Nelson. The Governor is signing the bill next Tuesday.

 Senator Urqhart and Rep. Froerer presenting the bill.

Chad and I after the bill passed!

Our awesome friends decorated our house in celebration!
They always cheered us on. We are so grateful for their support.

A special thanks to Jennifer May and Annette Maughan who led the group of families. They put their lives on hold to get this bill passed. They spent 45 days up at the capital Monday through Friday lobbying for the bill. Saying thank you to these women is just not enough! Our group calls them rock stars! Also, a big thank you to Sen. Urqhart and Rep. Froerer for standing up and taking on this bill and fighting for Leah and all of the beautiful children from Hope 4 children with epilepsy. I love what Sen. Urquhart said in an interview: "These families never got discouraged". All of us families fought with an indomitable spirit. We never gave up! These families are the strongest people I know. The legislature said that us families handled this bill with such respect and kindness. They have been very impressed with all of us. This is an experience that I will never forget and I am so proud to have fought this fight with every single one of these families! God bless each of them as we one day get the oil and treat our children.

Thank you for all of you who wrote letters to your congressman. It's because of "THE PEOPLE" that this bill passed. We spoke up and wanted to be heard. WE WERE HEARD!

I wanted to end with an email from our Senator, Sen. Madsen:

Dear Chad,

   Thank you for contacting me with your thoughts regarding HB 105, Plant Extract
Amendments. I always value input from those I serve. There is much more wisdom among the
people, beyond government, than will ever exist within government.
Evidence is overwhelming that marijuana, or cannabis, has beneficial medical applications, among them
pain relief, and as a treatment for nausea and lack of appetite.

    Studies of hemp oil as an effective treatment for children with severe epileptic seizures, however are are few, due in large part to superstitions promoted by those who profit from the “war on drugs.” Government prohibition of an essentially benign substance collaterally stigmatizes and stymies invaluable medical research and denies access to medications that improve quality of life and, in fact, save lives.  HB 105 would relax absolute prohibition, enable important research, and offer very real hope to families who are now forced to sit and watch a beloved child deteriorate and die before their eyes because power hungry and self-interested elements within government justify their existence, their consumption of taxpayer dollars and their dominion over would be free people by insisting that the state must forcibly prevent citizens from ingesting marijuana.

    As an elected representative I believe that government derives its authority from the just consent of the governed, and I recognize that the authority of government as a creation of the people and a repository of a small amount of the people’s sovereignty cannot exceed the authority of its creator. If natural law does not recognize in me the authority to physically force my neighbor not to take something into his body, then how can that authority be delegated to, or exercised by, government.  I do not believe that government possesses the authority to prohibit individuals from ingesting substances into their own bodies, despite my personal opinion about whether someone should smoke, drink, put salt on their food or drink a 64 oz. soda.

    ​As an ardent adherent to the political philosophy of our nation’s founders, I would prefer that we end cannabis prohibition entirely, but this bill is acceptable progress, and I am in favor of HB 105.

    ​Thank you again for paying attention to, and participating in, the public policy process
and for offering your input. Do not hesitate to communicate any further questions or concerns to


Senator Madsen​​

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