Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The waiting game

We are kind of at a stand still...just anxiously waiting for test results. We have an appointment with Dr. Swaboda on February 14th. We assume that's when we will get the test results. Who knows maybe they will call us with the test results before the appointment.

A bill has been written up for the Utah legislature to vote on legalizing CBD oil and allowing it to be brought in from Colorado. The bill is just AMAZINGLY well written. We are asking that our friends and family to call their Senators and House of Representatives and ask for their support on the bill. We will tell you the right time to go ahead and call. Please use Leah's story! I will post more details soon on how to find out who your Senators & House of reps are and a small guidance on what to say for whose who need it. Thank you so very much!

Leah is about the same. The vomiting came back with a vengeance!!! It totally exhausts me and gives me crazy anxiety! Leah saw her Pediatrician and I caught her up on Leah's appointment with Dr. Swaboda. She looked at Leah's tonsils and said from a 1 to a 4 she is a 3. She said this girl is going to need her tonsils out! WHAT??? Seriously!!! Well that explains all the snoring and all the snoring when she is wide awake! Dr. Hornyik ordered the pulse oxygen test. We did it at home while she was sleeping. We should know the results soon.

Lately I have meant some special needs mom's. These mom's just amaze me and inspire me!

Well 2014 has kicked off really good! I am really working on taking care of myself and I realize when I take care of myself I am a better wife and mother. I see a huge difference in my energy level when I eat clean and workout. I quit diet coke...yes, let me say that again I quit diet coke. And I don't miss it one bit. It's so horrible for our bodies and it just made me more sluggish!

Every second week of January Chad has to go to Texas for meetings and the last two years Leah has been put in the hospital that exact week. Chad has had to fly home early and he misses that whole week of meetings. He usually goes from Sunday-Friday. This year it's only Sunday-Wednesday. He is already on his flight. We made it! Yay!! There were times I really held my breath these past few days but no hospital stay for us this time. I love this quote:

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