Sunday, January 26, 2014

Leah's on oxygen

We got the results from the pulse oxygen sleep monitor and there was some crazy stuff happening while she was sleeping. They, of course saw when she seized because her O2 went down to the mid 80's but would spike back up to the mid 90's. But, there was a period of time in the night that she went down to 74... many times. So they immediately put her on oxygen during the night. We also use the oxygen when she seizes and we can see a huge difference in her recovery. She has also showed a huge improvement since she has been on O2 at night. She is so much more alert. She has moved her head around and her eyes. Her eye contact is awesome! She wants to sit up and hold her head's amazing! Her physical therapist even got her to roll over from her side to her back...many times. We were beyond thrilled. I think she should have been on oxygen a long time ago!!! She has an appointment in March to do a formal sleep study up at PCMC.

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