Sunday, October 20, 2013

GI doctor appointment

We meet with a new GI doctor over a week ago and she was awesome. Her name is Dr. Harnsberger and she gave us a great plan for Leah. We had many concerns and she addressed them all and gave us great solutions. She told us to consider to feed Leah on a slow drip all night so I don't have to feed her during the day, I just have to hydrate her with water. I thought to myself...seriously! I can do that? no one told me I can do that. So, of course we started this new feeding schedule that night and it went so well. We are now into it over a week and she hasn't thrown up at all. She is very comfortable all day! I feel like I got my life back in a way. I seriously spent my day feeding her and burping It got very old! I would feed her one feeding for over an hour and burp her 4 times in between only for her to throw up and I would have to start over again. Oh my, it got to me. I cleaned up so much throw up, I did so much laundry and I was pretty dang tired! I never complained, I just did it! That's what mom's do! Now, since she hasn't thrown up and I am not spending my day feeding her, I feel like a new person. I have energy to do so much more and most importantly I have more time to do therapy with her. I didn't get a lot of therapy time in with her because as you know, I was feeding her all day or cleaning up after her. A lot of people say I act a lot happier. Who wouldn't be a happier person...right?! She seems to be happier too.

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