Monday, September 9, 2013

Hope for Leah!

My goal is to get Leah's story out there! We have so many thoughts scrambling through our heads on a 24 hour basis on how we can help Leah and these other children with severe epilepsy. We need the public to know of this devastating condition that Leah and many children and their families are battling every single day.

We are going to be fighting for CBD to be legalized in Utah! Please educate yourself and others around you about CBD and how it is helping seizure kids. Please watch this video and share it with others: (if you can't view this video please go to youtube and type in- Charlotte's web and Zaki's journey)

I would do anything to help our Leah and to get her life back.  Leah has a metabolic condition similar to Dravet Syndrome. They actually thought for many months that Leah had Dravet Syndrome. These metabolic disorders cause severe epilepsy that cannot be controlled by seizure medication. We have nothing else! The doctors have nothing to help Leah! We continue to watch her seize daily and become more and more catatonic! We need to see if CBD would stop Leah's seizures.


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